Our Philos

Rang Rang Coffee

The success of GuruGroup depends on each and every human being present here. The company/store can only prosper and growth when we continuously improve ourselves and improve our work.

However, success will not be measured solely by sales; the number of guests; and individual revenue. We measure our success by achieving goals and by tangible achievements. We believe that a commitment to values ​​and integrity, without compromise, should always be accompanied by specific guidelines, decisions and actions in pursuit of goals.

Here are our success philosophies:

We believe in an inclusive culture where everyone is welcome. We always respect each person’s personality.

We believe in providing high quality products, excellent service. Our goal is to provide our customers with an experience beyond expectations on every touchpoint we design.

We believe in simplicity not complexity. We know how to say no to thousands of projects and only focus on the real projects that are important and meaningful.

We believe that being good is not enough. We never compromise until everything is close to perfection and perfection. We’re always working to “raise the bars of the achievement chart.”

We believe in honesty and trustworthiness. We work, trade, interact based on building trust with customers. We recognize that honesty and trust form the bonds that bind organizations and relationships together.

We believe in the training system and the continuous growth within each of us. We consider it a worthy investment in the future of our company/store, and it’s also a way to help our members reach their potential in everything they do.

We believe our success depends a lot from teamwork. We know that great achievements can only be achieved through mutual help and respect.

We believe in doing business professionally with principles. We take great pride in having a smooth, standardized process within the organization.

We believe in being responsible to our customers and ourselves. We do what we claim. We believe in personal accountability and avoid blaming others when things don’t go as planned.

We are always grateful for what we have, colleagues, customers and people around us both at work and in life.