Our Coffee

Vietnam is a second large coffee exporter in the world, which majority commercial coffee. Growing times after times, the specialty coffee bean in Viet Nam is getting more quantity and quality. Respond to that matters, we create a specialty coffee concept, where customers can enjoy all kinds of local specialty coffee in parallel with the world’s specialty coffee. Whether you prefer dark or light roasts, single-origin or blended. We want to help you find your favourite. If dont know what kind of coffee you like. We are here to help. 

Standard coffee ruler:
RANG RANG COFFEE’s selection of beans always exceed specialty grade standard score. We only accept specialty coffee above 85 points or award winning bean of the year, majority certify to organic standards and growth sustainably.

To ensure the freshness of the coffee, we roast in small batch which are less than 30kg each time and direct delivery to your doorstep from Our Roastery through out Vietnam. 

Whether it is “blend” or “single origin”, we running same strictly quality process.

Each specialty coffee in our menu is designed to have peak flavor profile through scoring system at every “cupping session”. 

This is how we measure RANG RANG COFFEE deliciousness!