Moka pot

The moka pot was first patented in Italy by inventors Luigi De Ponti and Alfonso Bialetti (1888-1970) in 1933. This kettle works on the principle of reverse osmosis. The pressure generated from the boiling process will turn the pot into a compact and handy coffee extraction “machine”. In just a few minutes, you have a delicious cup of coffee very quickly.

Ustensils you need to prepare

  • – The coffee
  • – Coffee grinder
  • – Weighing urine
  • – Moka pot tools
  • – Boiling utensils (except Halogen stoves)

Extraction time: 2 minutes 30 seconds – 3 minutes

Scale: Depends on tool size. Usually 15 – 17 grams for 2 cups.

Grind size: Medium – Fine

Water Temperature: 89 – 92oC

Follow these steps :

  • – Step 1: Boil water and put water in the lower part of the utensil. Note: do not exceed the safety valve.
  • – Step 2: Put the ground coffee into the metal filter. Tap lightly to compress the coffee.
  • – Step 3: Place the filter in the section below. Fit the upper body to the lower part of the moka pot, tightening it just enough to prevent steam from escaping.
  • – Step 4: Place the moka pot on the stove. Open the lid to observe. When the water boils, the pressure of heat pushes the water through the coffee and out into the top of the moka pot.
  • – Step 5: When the coffee appears slightly white foam, close the lid. Then, remove the moka pot from the stove and pour it into a cup. If enjoyed with a little condensed milk will bring more delicious taste.